Total Body Consulting | Motivate Your Clients Using Result Based Graphs
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Motivate Your Clients Using Result Based Graphs

Total Body Consulting was built to provide a central hub for all your clients work and progress.

Let’s face it, there’s only so much motivation you can give a client wether it be in session, online communication or any other means. Total Body was designed to give result based feedback to clients while they workout along side longer term feedback in noticing composition changes.

Here are 3 ways I like to use the results and graphing features of Total Body in order to motivate my clients to perform better and stay consistent with their training and nutrition.

  1. The performance score, overtime your client goes to do a set, the performance score is going to give them the outcome of how good that set was, this is where they will get a personal best pop up every time they hit a new record, encouraging higher reps and or weight lifted to keep improving. This is what sets Total Body apart, you want to know if 40kg for 10 reps is better than 45 for 7, Total Body will compute your performance score, so that every single set you’re continually competing against your own best version of yourself.
  2. A monthly progress photo, once a month I have my clients schedule in their diaries, alongside my own that they are due for a new progress photo. All photo’s are stored in the cloud and placed side by side for easy comparison of how their body is changing. Seeing whose is missing is a simple as checking the last update on my client dashboard so I can see any missing photo’s.
  3. Fortnightly girth measurements, easy enough for clients to do, I simply have them measure 3 key circumferences, which are then beautifully graphed into their client profiles, so I can see every fortnight, who has not made the improvements we expect, and those clients that are getting good results. This means I can easily reach out to any of the clients that are struggling and make the necessary changes to their habits or plan to ensure continued success.
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